Education makes a man educated, and the religious learning makes a man an Ideal educated man. This learning is not only for an individual person, but Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala has done indispensable for each man and woman Muslim. Through this education, successfulness could be earned in this world and the day hereafter. Because, only the Holy Quran is the absolute solution of all men forever is for the salvation and emancipation of the mankind. Rather this Great Holy Quran has forecasted in the all subjects.

Therefore, “the Noorani Garden Adarsha Shisu shikkhaloy” is established to spread out the light of Holy Quran among the people of all walks of life. The modern education is for the social life and the Islamic Education is for the next world, means:

This Institute has been bestowing education with the combination of Bengali, Mathematics, English, Social Science, History, Geography and Arabic.  This Institute has constructed many educated men to till now since the last 2000AD. Who engaged with teaching in various national and international institutions.

Location of the Madrasah:

This well-famous educational institute is located at Elephant Road of New Market Area, at the core central point in Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh. Hazi Mohammad Abdur Rahman Saheb, an ordinary business man of the Capital, being taken dream fulfilled in the heart and having taken expectation fulfilled in the soul, has established this institute in 2000AD. In that time, there was not any religious educational institute at Elephant road. Hazi Abdur Rahman establishes Noorani Garden Madrasah for making educated the people in the learning of Holy Quran. Being crossed many hindrances and unwearied labours this Institute today is stand in own building. The demand of this institute is only one, centering the World and Next World to form an honest, sincere, impartial, neutral and ideal man in the ray of Full Holy Quran. The Great Allah may fill up the expectation of this Institute.       _ Amin.